Governing Body

The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey established the UNIA♦ACL on

Monday, July 20, 1914 in Kingston, Jamaica.

President General

The President General [Hon. Michael R. Duncan from Jamaica] is the working head of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, and he is responsible for the entire working and carrying out of all commands. He shall instruct all officers on their duties and see that such duties are properly performed. Under the leadership of Hon. Michael R. Duncan (since August 2016), the UNIA has achieved much:

1.  2020: Creation of Liberty Farms in Africa

2. 2019: First UNIA International Convention held in Africa in Liberia in  August

3.  2019: Return of the AFRICAN REDEMPTION FUND

4.  2019: Return of the Garvey’s Voice – Official Publication of the UNIA

5.  2017: Creation of the FACA♦ROC – following in the footsteps of Hon. Marcus Garvey – distribution of all dry goods, fish, juices, meats, produce, and vegetables

6.  2015: Establishment of COMMUNITY FOCUS Radio Show in New York (Monday & Tuesday, 8 – 9 PM)

7.  2016: Expansion of the UNIA Soccer Program – Rosedale Soccer Club

2nd Assistant President General

The Second Assistant President General [Bro. Raymond Dugué from New York] is pictured on the Nile River in Kemet (2020). He assists the President General in the performance of such duties of his office as shall be assigned to him by the President General. He is responsible for the Division Presidents, Minister of Education, Minister of Membership, and Minister of Science & Technology

4th Assistant President General

The Fourth Assistant President General [Sis. Basiymah Muhammad Bey from Philadelphia] assists the President General in the performance of such duties of his office as shall be assigned to her by the President General. She is responsible for the Black Cross Nurses, the International Organizer, Minister of Arts & Culture, and Surgeon General /Minister of Health. Sister Basiymah Muhammad Bey has been fourth Assistant President General since 2008.

Secretary General

The Secretary General [Sis. Brenda Amoakon from Chicago] shall have in her custody all correspondence of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities’ League. She shall have under control all Divisional Secretaries and shall conduct the general correspondence of the organization. Sis. Brenda Amoakon is a long time UNIA member as are her mom, and all of her family members.

Minister of Arts and Culture

The Minister of Arts and Culture [Sis. Delali Osun Haligah from Africa & USA] is responsible for the promotion and promulgation of traditional and contemporary African culture throughout the UNIA. Sis. Delali has lived in West Africa, East Africa, London, and the USA as well as Jamaica and is the proud owner of Osun Designs and the creator of Queens Fashion Week.

District 2 Commissioner

The District 2 Commissioner [Bro. Khabyr Hadas from Philadelphia] is responsible for the UNIA promotion and organization of the localities of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware as well as the supervision of all divisions therein.

Let’s Work Together