Of the many hats

that Michael R. Duncan wears - husband, father, business owner, PTA volunteer, community leader and soccer club president - the one that means the most to him is that of being the 10th successor to the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey. As such, President General Michael R. Duncan resolutely vows that all he has he will give to African People. Under his guidance, the UNIA is on its way back to its prominence as Black People are counting on the UNIA to lead as it did under the auspices of Mr. Garvey. The President General [PG] is the owner of the Jamaica Breeze Restaurant, where upon he uses its profit to fund the UNIA Division 432 [Marcus Garvey / Carlos Cooks] in Queens, NY and Harlem, NY. In addition, the COMMUNITY FOCUS Radio Show, which is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday on WVIP 93.5 FM from 8PM to 9 PM is sponsored by Jamaica Breeze Restaurant. PG attended Baruch College of CUNY, graduating with a Bachelor's in Accounting. Soon after he revitalized the Rosedale So... 2nd Assistant President General.

1st Assistant President General

Mr. Kamose Muhammad, First Assistant President General of the UNIA-ACL, affectionately known as Brother Muhammad, was born into the world to break the chains of mental and economic slavery that impale People of African descent to this very day. Brother Muhammad has been a community organizer, community activist, and businessman for over twenty six years working with young people, community organizations, business associations, and African People at large from varied and multifaceted perspectives. As an organizer, Brother Muhammad was the President of the Liberty Garrison Business Association in Baltimore where he increased the political and economic prospects of Black business owners, founded and organized the Committee for the Development of the National Ministry of Trade and Commerce of the Nation of Islam, organizing more than twenty six Mosque and study groups for economic work, founder of the first Black Chamber of Commerce in Baltimore MD and worked on the streets of Baltimore te...

The Office of Secretary

General is constitutionally bound to serve the UNIA-ACL under the direction of the President General and Administrator to the UNIA-ACL. Specifically, it is our job to keep the records of the UNIA-ACL. It is also important to remember that the UNIA-ACL functions as a confraternity and as an organization. However, it is most important to recognize the fact that it was founded as a government for all African people worldwide. We humbly accept the challenge of this awesome responsibility. We must always remember on whose shoulders we stand: Amy Jacques Garvey, Ethel Collins, Alma Golden, Jean Harvey Slappy, and Estelle James to name a few! We offer with supreme love, passion and commitment, our services. One God! One Aim! One Destiny! M. Bota 2-28-17 Sis Mary Bota, Secretary General Local Garvey Nkrumah Memorial Progressive Division 429 Lady President General Secretary Executive Secretary Hosted 1994 Convention, Co-sponsored Education Workshop Co-founder of Git... 3rd President General. 4th President General.

Born and raised

in Ayiti (Haiti) and educated in the U.S., High Chancellor Raymond Dugué has always believed in One God, One Aim, and One Destiny. So much that, all he aspires is the reclamation of the greatness of his Noble Race. Brother Dugué attended the City College (CCNY) School of Engineering in Harlem graduating with a Bachelor's of Engineering in Chemical Engineering in 1984. Afterwards, he completed a second degree in Mathematics, following in the footsteps of his African ancestors, the race of men and women who enlightened and educated the world not only in mathematics, science, and the arts, but in civility, bravery and spirituality. As Black People were the first architects, artists, engineers, mathematicians, physicians, pyramid builders and scientists, Brother Dugué is but a modest and humble servant of African people. As such, Brother Dugué always greets his African brothers and sisters with his familiar words, "I am at your service.". Brother Dugué's role as the High Ch... Assistant Secretary General.

Sister Delali Haligah is African warrior

She has the distinct honor of being the Minister of Art and Culture for the Government of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League. With an overwhelming love for her Race, she sets herself to the task of igniting the Spirit of Garveyism in all Africans through cultivating a love of Traditional African Culture and values. Sister Delali Haligah is an Artist Activist. She is an Actor, Singer, Dancer, Fashion Designer, Author, Educator and Mother. She has appeared on Broadway, on television and in film, and has toured internationally, with shows. She is always diligently working to instill pride in African People and, consistently endeavors to uplift, through her Cultural presentations. She utilizes as her guiding star, the wisdom of the UNIA-ACL slogan- ‘Africa for the Africans, those at Home and those abroad!’ Sister Delali Haligah has lived and worked in Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Kemet and... Minister of and Culture.

Baba Mosi Matsimela 74 years old in 2018

Education: BA Queens College City University of New York 1974. MA Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY 1980. Former Owner/Bookseller of Arawak Books & Music store in Prince Georges County, MD. Joined the UNIA-ACL Woodson Banneker Jackson-Bey Division #330 in 1990. Vice President UNIA-ACL Woodson Banneker Jackson-Bey Division #330 2008 through 2013. President UNIA-ACL Woodson Banneker Jackson-Bey Division #330 2013 to date Appointed Minister of Information Parent Body UNIA-ACL 2017. Minister of Information. Minister of Arts and Culture.